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High-quality silk thread has a shine and the compact feeling when it is pulled.
From elegant colors to vivid colors, 160 colors thread in all are assorted.
Please choose the best colors that match your cloth while looking at the thread sample book.


ITOROKU produced the sewing box for the first time. We, as a long-established thread dealer,
strictly selected the sewing tools that are all high-quality and easy to use.
They are packed in a paulownia wood box and tied with a Sanada-himo,
Japanese traditional woven cord. It will surely be a lucky item.

This sewing box would make a great gift for your daughters/granddaughters
when they start sewing or are get married.
It contains wishes that mothers/grandmothers want their daughters/granddaughters
to use good-quality products for a long time.
Of course, please choose it for yourselves or your friends.
Everyone will be love it.

Roku san’s Light (Silk thread lantern)

The silk thread lanterns lighted the inside of our store softly at the eve of Gion Matsuri festival.
Those were the lanterns we winded the thin and shiny thread
on the wooden reels that have been used traditionally.
The light that shined through the silk thread was beautiful and warm.
After that, our customers who enjoyed the light together at that night
asked if they could get the silk thread lantern.
It took us a while to develop the products,
but we carefully selected the materials such as the brass socket,
cord and switch made in France and LED light bulb and finally completed.
We will release it with confidence.

We felt Rokujiro’s warm heart looking at the soft light that shined through the silk thread.
We named this silk thread lantern “Roku san’s Light” and release now.